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Get Down

Hi BB,

I am a happy, exuberant dog named Getdown.  Everybody knows me. As soon as I reach them to welcome them they call my name in a loud voice. “Getdown! Getdown!” I guess I’m famous.

Here’s my problem: My human told me to sit, then, stay. Seriously, if I was sitting I was going to stay. I humored him and sat still. Then he looked right at me and said, “Butch, come.”

I looked around, but didn’t see Butch, but I sat very still. He kept looking at me, saying, “Butch, come.” If he had said, “Getdown, come,” I would have charged right at him, but I was a good boy and just sat there. He said, “Dumb dog,” and walked away.

BB, how do I find Butch and tell him he’s in trouble?


Hi Getdown,

Humans say strange things. My human, Anita was moving things in the barn one time. I asked her what she was doing and she told me the hay man was coming and she was making room. I was pretty excited. It would have to be easier to eat a man made of hay than to pull the laps apart. The hay man could walk around with me and always be available for a quick snack. NOT. It was just another human bringing bales of hay. That was a good thing, but not what I expected.

Another time she said the Black Smith was coming. I expected my old friend Blackie. It was just sort of a pinky colored man who wanted to trim my hooves. Not even close!

We just have to forgive humans for their limited language skills and help them when we can. Butch will have to take care of himself.

Oh! What’s that?! The feed bin lid was just raised! Gotta run………………….

Note from Anita to Butch’s humans:

Be sure to use Butch’s name when you talk to or call him. Keep working on his don’t-jump-on-people training.

2 Responses to Get Down

  1. Bridget Hanley says:

    Dear BB:
    Keep the blogs coming! You are very funny and I learned a bit on this one. I call my horse (Tomcat) Superman, but now I think I may have to find a new nickname. he really does think he is Superman, able to jump tall buildings with a single bound, fly through the air with the speed of sound, etc. Maybe I should change his name to Melba Toast, or Calm and Cool. Thanks for the insight!

  2. Rita Chappell says:

    Yup- gotta watch how we word stuff!!!!! My mare Revy was kindly asked not to run to run to the road down from our barn(as she did once did) Someone left gate open, out she ran, followed by my other mare, made a 90 degree turn at the property line , commenced to munching grass from neighbor’s back lawn- yeah,ywell in fairness she did not end up in road like before!!!

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