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Scary basement

Wow! I bet things look really cool way up high. I am a dog, so don’t have that advantage.
I am so excited that there is a blog for friends like me. Mommy has several that she likes to read and now I have one too. Thanks BB.

Your blog says that I can ask questions about any problem I have. I have a big one and sure can use your help.

I lived my whole life in Florida until almost a year ago when my folks moved us back up to PA. There are a lot of different things to experience up here….. like my first snow, colder weather, and having such a heavy fur coat! I never had a need for that in the south and I must say the fluffy hair between my toes is taking some getting used to.

In Florida, we lived in a manufactured home but up here we are in a house that even has a basement. It took me awhile to learn the long stairs but I have it down pat now.

My problem though is that I get really scared in this house. It might be the strange sounds an older home makes but I really go into a full blown panic attack. I can’t stop shaking, panting and so embarrassing….. drooling so much it leaves little puddles on mom’s floor.

Mom really takes lots of time to hug me and tries to reassure me that everything is fine and safe but she isn’t really convincing me. She does put the Rescue Remedy on my ear flaps and a drop of calming essential oil on the top of my head but that isn’t always enough to stop my panic. She also has tried a few different homeopathic remedies. One helps sometimes.

This is so embarrassing to me as I never was afraid in Florida. I even liked to go out in thunder storms. I don’t know how to let mommy know what the problem is and don’t know how to stop being so afraid.

What do you think BB? Got any sage advice for me or for mom? I know she is really worried about me.

Dear Waldo,
This is from Anita. BB will not like me putting my thoughts out before hers, but I feel this is important. It would be very helpful to have your mom call an animal communicator so you could tell them exactly what you fear. It could be a noise, lighting, smells, air pressure differences, or any number of things. One time I spoke to a dog who stopped coming into a certain room. He told me that he heard low banging inside the walls and was afraid. It turned out that a heat duct behind the wall had become defective. When the problem was fixed he returned to stay with the family in that room.

From BB: RUN! Run away! There could be a monster in the basement. Sometimes Anita comes out to my barn through a certain door. I asked the cat, who also has been known to use the door, “What
s in there?” She said there was just some “stuff.” What do cats know? Stairs? Ha. Ramps only. Don’t go there! When it comes to fight or flight I don’t even consider fight. I’m tellin’ ya, Waldo, stick to your guns.
What’s that? Did somebody just open the feed bin? Gotta’ run………………

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