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BB’s illness

Greetings Friends,
I am happy to be here. My health is returning more and more each day, and I am feeling a lot stronger. The experiences I went through to get better were just awful. Anita tells me to be grateful to be alive – and I am – but some things were shocking.
I could not breathe. I was making so much noise just trying to get air into my lungs that I couldn’t hear anything else but my own gasping. I had to lie down constantly and try to position my head and neck to get air in. A young woman drove up to the barn, came in, and introduced herself as a veterinarian. She seemed nice enough at first. She poked around, and listened through some tubes. I didn’t care much so I stood very still. Then she put a long plastic glove on that went all the way up her arm. As sick as I was I knew the glove was not high fashion and wondered why she would wear it. She walked behind me and moved my tail. You will not believe where she put the gloved hand! I was mortified.
I had not quite recovered from that shock when she brought a bucket of warm water into the stall. I wanted to tell her, “No thank you, I’m not thirsty,” but she was busy with a tube and some gadget in the water, so I waited. I must have dozed off because all of a sudden I was aware that she was twisting a big string over my nose. I was busy trying to get the string off when she started putting the tube down my nose. I was still working on the string when she started pumping oily water through the tube. Anita didn’t stop her! I’ll get even with her one day.
OK, then the tube was out and I was still standing quietly. The veterinarian said I might be bleeding internally and she would come back to do an ultrasound. That didn’t sound good, but turned out to not be a big deal. She said that if there was blood in my abdomen she could stick needles in and drain it out. I had enough at that point and lifter a hind leg to show her what I would do if she tried.
More days, more vets, more gloves, more tubes in the nose. I just wanted to sleep. And NEEDLES! OMG were there needles. I did have acupuncture and those needles felt wonderful. I was suspicious of anyone who came near my stall, but too weak to fight. That turned out to be in my favor as I was told I was so good and brave.
I kept having wild dreams that I was running for my life. Running in the dark from a huge black blanket that was going to surround me and take me away, and I was panicking. Anita tells me that my legs were moving and she could tell I was galloping. After 4 days of this I finally kicked at the blanket in my sleep. I really whacked the stall wall and it woke me up. It was the beginning of my recovery, and now, day 7, I am almost back to my normal self.
I have another blog ready that was written before I got sick. I will send that out next week, but I wanted to let you humans know a few things.
Keep track of changes of any wilting leaves of any cherry trees in the pastures. We can be poisoned by just a few leaves under some conditions. The crunchy dry ones are okay, but a few wilted ones can kill us. Night shade is dangerous, too. Don’t just deworm. Take fecal samples, which we are happy to provide. I, myself did not have roundworms, but they can cause some bad lung problems. Learn how to count respiratory breaths, and keep a thermometer handy. Of course that thermometer reminds me of the hand-in-glove encounter, but not really that bad.
Stay healthy my friends. I’ll send my blog in a few days from a cat that wants to know what humans eat.
Oh! What’s that?! The feed bin lid was just raised! Got’ta run………………….

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