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Lonely One

Dear BB,
I see blogs from dogs, cats, and horses. I don’t know what I am, but I have seen my reflection in the pond and I know I’m adorable. I am sort of small, like a cat, black, with two white stripes down my body, and a cute little black nose.
I watch the humans throw objects to the dog, and the dog returns the objects. I watch the cats rub on the humans and get petted for the rubs. It all looks so wonderful, and I want to have my own human so I can play and be loved.
I have tried everything. I wanted to ask the dog how he got his human. He came to me and I gave him a friendly, inviting little spray of perfume. He ran off before I could ask him anything and now he won’t come near me. He lived outside for days after our encounter, but won’t let me close.
I tried to start a conversation with the cat, but he just climbed a tree. Those cats can really move fast!
One time the human parked her vehicle near the place she lives in and I ran up to wait for her to get out. I stood very close so she could see me, but she wouldn’t get out to pet me. I’ll bet I was there for hours until I got hungry and went off to look for grubs to eat. When I came back she was gone. I was very disappointed, and I’m sure she would have been too if she knew what she had missed.
BB, please help me get my own human. Tell me what to do and I’ll try anything.
Lonely One.

Dear Lonely One,
Oh you poor baby. Yes, humans can be worthwhile. They feed us, scratch our itches, take care of our needs, and can be sweet and loving. You deserve this. Keep approaching the human until she figures it out. Anita always says I smell good. I don’t know what kind of perfume you have, but make sure she always gets a whiff of it so she knows you are nearby. I am sure she will come to love and nurture you.
Oh! What’s that?! The feed bin lid was just raised! Got’ta run………………….

Note from Anita,
Dear Lonely One,
Not all humans are open to meeting those who they consider “strangers.” As you noticed, even the dog and cat did not take you as a new friend. You sound like an intelligent, caring, and sweet person. Look for animals that resemble you and have your lifestyle in common and use the same kind of perfume that you use. I am sure you will find someone like that to love and will no longer be lonely.

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