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Dear BB,
Like you, I am an Arabian, and therefore quite beautiful. My humans say I am gray, but I am actually a brilliant, dazzling white color. I prefer the white over the more common brown such as you are. My gaits are spectacular to watch and my conformation is exquisite. You would not believe that someone with my looks would have a problem, but I do.
My caregiver came to me one day and told me that we would be getting a new resident who would be in an adjoining stall. I wasn’t asked – just told. I didn’t like that, but with my well-bred manners, I did not complain. Of course I knew I would never be asked to give up MY stall.
The trailer arrived and I arranged myself so as to look gracious and welcoming, but not overly friendly. The tailgate was lowered and the creature that was led out was the ugliest thing I had ever seen. It was rather small and gray, not beautiful gray like I am, but sort of a smoky color. But, the ears! Long, long, long ears! I shudder even writing about those ears.
It gets worse. I was speechless, but it was not. It looked around and then made a sound that is indescribable. I was shocked and dismayed and could not stop staring at it. My dear BB, I tell you I almost fainted.
BB, what do I do? I cannot live in a place inhabited by a beast such as this. Now the humans want me to share my paddock with it. I won’t. To make matters worse, it keeps trying to start a conversation with me. So far I have managed to pretend it doesn’t exist. I don’t know how long I can keep that up without the humans catching on. Please let me know how to make this unsightly nuisance go away.

Dear Appalled,
Thank you for your e mail and the attachment of your “head shot” from the Equine Modeling Agency. I am sure that there are a few who might think you are attractive even with your monochromatic white color. Personally, I prefer the rich mahogany browns and black contrasts. To each their own.
Let’s discuss your problem. It is you.
I had a similar situation, but I managed to think it through and wound up with new friends. Anita came to me one day to say, “Toogoatz are coming today to live here. Please make them welcome.” I don’t always listen to her carefully if she is not discussing food, but I do remember thinking that Toogoatz was a strange name for a horse, and that her grammar was poor. She should have said “Toogoatz is coming.” Of course “make him/her welcome” would be proper.
My barn is right in the field so Cordless and I have the opportunity to come and go as we please. When the trailer arrived we were curious and came in to see what was going to happen. Two leaping, bouncing strange little animals charged out, coming straight toward us! I thought aliens had landed. I screamed for Cordless to run as I bolted through the door, but she was ahead of me. We found a safe distance and hid behind a tree. We snorted and stamped feet, really quite threatening, but to no avail. The aliens were led into the empty stall in the barn. Cordless and I talked it over and decided to never enter that barn as long as those things were there.
I will admit that I only lasted until dinner time. Cordless had take-out that evening and ate in the field, but she was back in her stall at breakfast time. Anita explained to us that they were goats; like us in many ways, but also different. We all have a purpose in life and must be respected.
As time went by we got to know each other and became friends. We actually chatted a lot and enjoyed each other’s company. They have both left their bodies and moved on in their spiritual journey and I miss them. They come back sometimes to visit and tell us they are well, but I still find myself missing them.
Appalled, get your head out of the dark place it is in and look around. You are missing a world filled with fun and interesting things. Communicate with the humans around you. Listen to them instead of making your demands. Talk to your new barn mate and hear its stories. Learn. I was quite ill recently and Anita did not expect me to live. Now that I am well I am actually enjoying life. Anita says my attitude has changed. I suppose that is because I appreciate what I have – even Cordless – and I’m truly happy. You can be happy, too.

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