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A complaint

To BB:
I will not say “Dear BB” as I do not think of you as a “dear” at this time. I am furious with you right now and don’t think you will even post my mail. However, I feel I must let you know of my anger, and the anger of my feathered brothers
Last month you responded to a squirrel who wanted to thank the humans for HIS food handouts. The bushy tailed rodent acknowledged that there were bird pictures on the bag of food that he was stealing. You can’t tell me that he didn’t know this was bird food.
I ask you: Just what do these furry pests do for you? We bring music to you with our lovey songs. I will admit that the mockingbirds overdo it certain times of the year when they sing all night long, but the melodies are quite beautiful. The beauty of the music of the crow is in the ear of the beholder, but they do a good job cleaning up messes – especially messes made by sloppy squirrels. Colors! I am of the finch family. The goldfinch guys are beyond beautiful. Cardinals, blue jays, hummers, orioles, and others make you smile when you look at them. Squirrels? Gray or brown. Booooring.
BB, some of my feathered brethren eat ticks, mosquitoes, and other insects that bother you. What do squirrels eat besides stolen food and nuts? They don’t even eat all they gather, they just bury a lot of it, and then can’t find it later.
As I said, I don’t expect to see this on your blog site, but please think of others before you endorse anyone. We who read your words expect the best.
A Bird

Dear A Bird,
My Research Assistant, Cordless and I apologize for the displeasure you and the birds felt when you read the blog. We answer what is sent to us, but I see that we should edit more. There is that Freedom of Speech thing, but we will be more careful in the future.
I will say this however, if I get letters from ticks, mosquitoes, or annoying bugs, they will not be addressed or answered.

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