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Litter box problems

Something very unusual happened to start this year’s blog. BB received three letters that had similar, but slightly different problems. She will address all three in this blog.

Letter #1
Dear BB,
My human needs help. I have tried to get through to her, but she just doesn’t get it. We are a five cat household. I’m okay with that, except that one cat is a bully. I do mean bully! Look up the word bully in the dictionary and I bet there is a picture of him.
We have several litter boxes, all with covers Whenever I use any of the litter boxes Bully rushes in and corners me. Believe me, that is not a good time to try to defend yourself. I know lids can be removed from litter boxes. I had to get my human’s attention, so I peed in front of the chair she usually sits in. The only thing that happened was that I got in big trouble. Please let me know how to get through to her.
Non Lid Seeking Kitty

Letter #2
Dear BB,
Please help me. I am a sweet, loveable little kitty. My human is obsessed with keeping the litter box clean, which is really a good thing. My problem is that while I am using that facility she hovers over me, scoop in hand, ready to plunge in and clean after me. Sometimes I don’t even have time to cover all traces of what I have just done.
I started doing my business behind a table in the dining room so that I could have some privacy and concentrate on what I was doing. I got caught and now she watches me constantly.
What can I do?
Over Exposed

Letter #3
Dear BB,
I’m a cat. I play by the rules – as long as they are my rules. I always used the litter box because I wanted to. It had soft, sandy material in it to move around, and a good smell. My human kept it clean, so all was well. She got a new kind of litter recently and it STINKS. I tried to tell her about the smell, but she wouldn’t listen. I showed her! I got on the bed, right in front of her and peed.
That didn’t go well. I was really mad, so later in the day I went in the closet and peed on her shoes. Now I live in the garage.
How can I train this human?
Garage Dweller

Dear Kitties,
My research assistant, Cordless and I discussed your letters and tried to match your problems with our lifestyle. Each of our stalls would be equivalent to an enormous litter box. When we are out in the field and nature calls we just stroll into a stall, do what is necessary, and walk out again. The stalls are cleaned twice a day and we have no problems. Once Anita changed our bedding from straw to pine pellets. Cordless and I told her that we didn’t like the change. She asked us to try it for a week to see if we would like it later. We did that and decided we liked it more than straw. However, when she changed the hay we ate we didn’t like the new hay. We talked it over and she listened to us and got hay we liked. Humans usually do want us to be happy and will listen. Negotiate with them.

Non Lid Seeking Kitty you do have a real problem and should scream and yell even before being attacked by the bully. Let the human know you need to be protected. Humans like to take care of us when we are afraid.

Note from Anita: When a problem like these pop up it would help to check with a veterinarian. If there is no health problem, call an animal communicator to ask the cat to explain his actions.

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