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Selling a pony

Dear BB,
My heart is broken. I can only stand in my stall with my head down and wonder what I did wrong. I am a pony. Maybe I’m not a raving beauty, but I took wonderful care of my little human. We started showing and getting ribbons in lead line, progressed to walk trot, and then earned ribbons in pleasure classes. We learned jumping together and brought home more ribbons. I kept her safe at all times.
My little human rode me less and less, then one day the trailer pulled up and a classy bay horse stepped out of it. I was put out in the field while my human rode the new horse, and they even went off to shows together.
Things got worse. Other little humans came and rode me. Of course I behaved beautifully, and appreciated when they offered treats. My heart is heavy as I tell you what happened next. I was led into a strange trailer and carried off to a new place. I am cared for very well. Several little humans ride me at different times and I am led around, but I am devastated as I wonder why I have been tossed aside.
BB, what can I do to go home?

Dear Bewildered,
My research assistant, Cordless wanted to handle your letter. I wasn’t sure she could do the job, but I gave it to her. I am very proud of the work she has done for you, and will be sure to give her more work in the future. Cordless did some telepathic interviews with some of the horses in your barn and she was quite good at it. I’m going to turn this over to her now.
Dear Bewildered,
Cordless here. When I was a yearling I went to something called a sale. I didn’t know what that meant, and I was afraid. Anita introduced herself to me at the sale and asked me some questions. Questions about how I felt about racing with my friends, my health, and my fears. She told me about racing and asked if I would like to do that. It sounded like great fun and I did want to do it. She said she would try to arrange for me to race and she would be a part of my life by talking to me in my head.
I did race a few times, and did well until the accident. After the accident I went to live at Anita’s to be a companion to BB. I’ve told you this to let you know that the humans should tell us what is happening so we will not be afraid.
I spoke telepathically to your horse neighbors and they told me that your young human got too big to look good on your back. I’ll never figure out human growth patterns. We horses get all of our growing done in four years. They keep getting bigger for a lot more years than that. Your young human loved you, but needed a bigger horse to ride and do all the things you taught her to do.
You have been sent to a therapeutic riding program to help humans who have problems. You have been honored!!! Not many of us are safe and gentle enough to be able to do the work you are doing. I know I get too jumpy at times to qualify.
Be proud of what you have been trusted to do and know that you did nothing wrong, but did a lot right.
Note from Anita: Please tell your pets of changes or call a communicator to do so. Let them know if you are going away, or if they are. It will make the transition easier for all involved.

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