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Animal Communications Workshop

Thanks for visiting the blog. I am quite pleased that Anita is having the workshop here. Sometimes she travels far away for them. She showed me a “plane” flying overhead in the sky one time and said that’s how she gets to some places. I pretended to believe her, but looking at that little plane, then looking at her, I know she could not fit in it. I could swear that she thought it was true. However, she can be gone for a few days and I do believe she is at a workshop. She always has someone come to feed us and clean our stalls, and she talks to us in our heads, so I know she is away.
I don’t actually know what goes on at the workshop, but everyone who visits seems to be in a good mood and enjoying themselves. Some of them talk to us and listen to our answers. It is a fun time and we tell them what is on our minds, knowing they are “getting it.”

From Anita

If you are interested in coming to this workshop in Pottstown, PA you can sign up and make a deposit on this web site on the Gift Certificates and Deposits tab. There is more information on the Schedule tab. If you have any questions please call 610 327 3820. The cost is $120 per person per day and that includes a vegetarian lunch. You can sign up for Saturday, June 11, Level I, or June 11 and 12, Level I and II, but you must have taken Level I before you can take Level II. Seating is limited so please sign up early.
If you would like to host a workshop please call me at 610 327 3820 for information.

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