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Jobs and Money

Dear Readers,
Before I get into my blog I want to thank you for all of your well wishes. The disease that attacked my eye seems to be completely under control. I take my Chinese herbs every day and have not had the need for any of the gooey medicine in it for over two months. My eye is clear and my vision perfect. I am very grateful.
This blog is very different than the one I intended to post. Anita and I could not agree on how to mend the issues, so we will leave that up to you.
Previously I wrote a blog based on a question from a dog named Nelson who was training his human to throw the ball, open the door, and so on. I received so many responses from my readers, especially ponies, that I was going to write a “How to Train Your Human” article. Anita was totally against that idea. Her thought is – you’re going to just love this – everyone should have a job to pay for food, lodging, treats, and other treatment. When I stopped laughing I asked her what her job was. She told me that she takes phone calls to help humans and animals resolve their problems, or she may go to barns to chat with humans and their horses, dogs or cats. Sometimes she travels around the country to teach other humans how to understand us. (I still don’t believe she fits in those objects I see flying high in the sky. She swears she does.) Big deal, right? How does this pay for things?
Anita told me that when you give value, you should receive value. A pony has the valuable job of keeping a child safe and doing his walk, trot, canter, jump stuff, and he is rewarded with the value of food, treats, and a good home. I asked what she got for working with the animals. You’re gonna’ love this, folks. She said “money” that pays for feed, hay and treats for Cordless and me. I didn’t buy that for a second. All that stuff just shows up as if by magic. It was her turn to laugh. I asked her to show me money. She reached in her pocket and pulled out a green, wilted paper. OK, green is good. I sniffed it and it was awful. I didn’t even want to taste it. What is neteller used for? Valuable? Hah!
I asked if Cordless has a job. Anita said she had a job as a race horse, but she got hurt and could no longer race. My mother, Briana was quite ill and about to leave her body and I would be here alone. Cordy was brought here to be my companion. She also chases any dogs that come in the field.
We stopped talking about neteller cashout and I thought about all of it for a long time. I still don’t get the “money” idea. I guess that’s some weird human invention. We talked some more the next day. Anita said, “There’s more that we won’t even discuss. Taxes.”
I had her there. I know all about taxes and shopping with neteller. A halter, saddle, bridle, or harness is called “tack.” Two halters would then be called “taxes”. Don’t complain to me about the value of a halter. I don’t even think I need one.
I began to wonder and worry about casino payments. Anita had a job, Cordy had a job, and it seemed like everyone else had a job. If I didn’t have a job would I stop getting food, hay, and the rest of life’s pleasures. I asked Anita and she said my job was to bring her joy – and I did it beautifully.
What’s that? The feed bin was just opened. Got’ta run………………

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