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New cat in the home

Dear BB,
I am a beautiful, intelligent, somewhat independent cat, appropriately named Princess. I “run a tight ship” in our household and my humans cater to all my wants and needs in a timely manner. Recently they walked in the house together and the male human was carrying one of those nasty crates I have to ride in to go to the vets. I didn’t want to get too close, but I realized there was already something in the crate. On closer inspection I found it to be a cat. A CAT! I turned my back on them to show my disapproval and gave one of my endearing growls to reinforce that disapproval. I don’t know what they were thinking, but they then let the aforementioned cat out of the crate, and then — get this – fed it some of MY food. Needless to say I was furious. However I am very smart. I waited. I stayed aloof as I watched them both give this intruder attention and affection. When they got ready to get in their bed that night I made my move. I gracefully jumped onto the bed, looked the female human square in the eyes, and peed on her pillow!
I expected her to be humble and contrite. I was shocked! She used that very loud, annoying voice that humans can get, and told me that I was bad! As you can imagine, I was astonished. I marched to her closet, found the slippers she wears so much, and squatted down to pee on them. Now, BB, you have to give me credit for even trying to conjure up more yellow water, but this lesson for her was important.
Did she learn? NO! I can’t even believe this part. She picked me up, walked over to my bed and picked that up, and put me in the garage along with the bed. When she closed the door I used my own very loud voice, but to no avail. I have spent the better part of five days, alone in this garage. They take me into the house at times and I see that cat who caused my problems. Of course I growl (in a less endearing way now). As soon as I start to voice my opinion I am returned to the garage.
BB, you talk to the humans. Please tell me how to get through to these misguided people that they need to get rid of the intruder and bring me back into the home.
Call me “Princess in Exile”

Dear Princess in Exile,
Cordless, my research assistant, and I had to read your letter several times. We are still confused about some points.
First, we are not sure why you are being punished since you did not bite or kick anyone. Growling is not usually cause to be isolated. Of course you would be angry if they gave your food to the other cat. Who wouldn’t?
Second is the part about “jumped on the bed.” Maybe we just express ourselves differently. Our rooms are called stalls. We eat, sleep, and rest in our stalls. There is “bedding” in our stalls, so I guess that is what you are talking about. We don’t jump onto the bedding, we just stroll onto it. When we are out in the field and we have to pee or poop we just wander in and do our business. Anita cleans our stalls twice a day with a pitchfork. Cordie and I feel that she would miss doing that activity if we didn’t do that for her. We do want to keep her entertained. I even march through to poop piles and kick it around so she has to work harder to pick it all up. Just more entertainment.
We also found the word “pillow” to be confusing. Cordie takes her job as Research Assistant quite seriously, and she is very thorough in her work. She did not find anything about a pillow that would apply to our bed. Neither of us has ever seen a human’s stall, so we can’t figure out why a pillow would be on it. Wouldn’t you trip over it while you were walking around?
We shared the decision that you should keep acting the way you have been until they Get It. It also sounds like they should learn how to use a bed properly.
Good luck.
Note from Anita: There are many ways to introduce a new animal to the household to avoid problems like this. Call me if you need advice.

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