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BB’s in trouble

Dear Readers
I need your help. I have always been there for you to freely give advice, but now I am in BIG trouble. If you could just send Anita a note, or one of your e mail things to let her know she should not be mad at me I would really appreciate it. We animals just send thoughts to each other, so even send her a good thought about me that would help.
Here’s the first of the two events that happened:
Anita has been nagging (pun intended) me to write my blog. She even had the nerve to tell me that if I didn’t get a blog out my readers would forget me. She actually said that! As if that could ever happen. Now you know how humans don’t have much expression. She never moves her ears while we are talking. When you are talking to me there is little doubt about what I’m feeling from how my ears are positioned. Not so with humans, so they are harder to read. Sometimes, if I tell her something funny, her mouth changes and she makes a sound that’s kind of like a whinny, but the ears stay still.
Anyway, I told her I had my blog in mind and would get to it when I decided to get to it. No ear movement, but I sensed that she was not happy with my answer.
Okay, now for part two; the part where I got in real trouble. It has been pretty warm here lately, and Cordless and I were thinking of shedding our winter coats. It’s a good thing we didn’t because last night it got really cold and windy, and started to snow. Then little balls of ice started falling on the roof of the barn, making loud scary noises.
Our barn is quite nice. There are doors at the back of the stalls that are always open so we can go in and out to the pasture as we please. When I heard the scary noise I ran into the other stall. I heard the noise there, too, so I ran back to the first stall. I kept running back and forth, but I had to chase Cordless out of my way to do that. She finally just stayed outside.
I do regret to say that I didn’t think much about Cordless during my state of panic. When Anita finally got there to feed us (She claims that she got there the same time as she always does. Yes, she did, but that could be earlier if she tried harder) Cordless was wet and shivering, and had six inch long, thick icicles hanging from her face, neck, belly, and just all over, and a coating of icy snow on her back. She was still afraid to come into her stall, but Anita talked her into it. I was warm and dry.
Anita fed us and got Cordless dry and deiced, and I went to walk into Cordless’ stall to see what was going on. Bad move.
I didn’t have to see her ears – she was MAD – at ME! She made me stand outside in the wind, snow, and ice balls for a few minutes. She asked me how I liked that. I already had my ears back, so she knew I didn’t like it.
I told Cordless that I’m sorry. Now I have to act sweet and contrite in front of Anita for a few days. Sometimes life is hard, but I’m up to it. I will be writing that blog in a few days. Please send good vibes about me to Anita.
Thank you.
Love to all,
Update from Anita: I was worried that Cordless would get sick from her ordeal, but she was fine at dinner time and came right into her stall to get her meal.

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