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Gypsy’s new home

Dear BB,

I imagine you have never gotten a letter like this before, and will never get another.

I have lived across the street from you for nine years and never knew it was YOU! When I sat on the window sill and looked out sometimes I would see you and Cordless relaxing and eating grass. OMG, I was witnessing greatness and did not know it.

Sorry, I digress. My human, The Big Guy (TBG) and I lived a quiet life alone and got along fine. One day it all changed. Have you seen the humans talk to a little flat box that they hold in their paw? It’s like they have an imaginary friend. They sometimes get emotional, or angry, or laugh. It’s almost like they believe they are actually talking to someone real. I don’t usually pay attention, but one day I heard my name mentioned, so I listened. TBG was telling the box that he had to leave his home and didn’t know where he was going to be. He talked about me. He didn’t know if he would find a place where I was allowed to be with him. He was very upset, and asked the box if it would let me live with it. I couldn’t believe my ears! I was NOT going to live in a tiny box.

A few days later TBG got the little cage out. I hid and chuckled while he walked around the house calling my name. Then I got hungry and hollered for my dinner. Can you believe he grabbed me and stuffed me in that cage? Well, I bit his finger hard and he hollered louder than I had.

After he stopped the flow of blood and bandaged his finger he carried the box outside and down the driveway. He crossed the street and up another driveway where I could see you and Cordless behind a fence. He took me into the house and Anita was there. They talked to each other for a while and I could see my bowls of food and water, and my litter box nearby. After a while they let me out. I was very cautious as I checked the place out. There was a place with some shelves and a bunch of books on them. I dashed behind the shelves and hid. They would never find me!

I heard TBG leave and Anita said, “Good night Gypsy.” And then she went to bed. She didn’t even look for me. I found out later that she could see my tail and knew where I was the whole time. There was a dim light on, so I snuck out, ate, drank, and used the litter box, and hid again. After four days I let her see me as I waited for my food.

Here’s my problem. Two weeks have gone bye and I find that I like Anita. She talks to me and feeds me every day. I even started to let her pet me a little. BB, I feel like such a traitor. What will TBG think if he finds out that I’m quite content here? I don’t want to hurt his feelings. Please tell me what to do. Should I bite Anita? I don’t want to.

Dear Gypsy,

Not to worry. No, don’t bite her. She gets real cranky if you do that. Cordless and I are not allowed to bite or kick her. We just put our ears back and make mean faces at her if we are angry. Just talk to her if you want her to know something. She listens. She doesn’t always do what you want – like give you more treats – but she listens.

Anita has one of those tiny boxes. Sometimes it plays a little music and she tells it, “I’m with the horses and I’ll talk to you later.” I asked her what that was all about and she said it was a cell phone. I still don’t understand. Whatever.

Cordless, my Research Assistant, and I had a chat with Anita. She told us that it was perfectly okay to like more than one human. She and TBG agreed that he loves you and you could live with Anita and be happy. He knows you will always love him, and if he ever has a place where you can be with him he will come and get you. You are not a traitor.

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