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Food allergies

Dear BB.
I am a young, happy kitty, except for one thing. I ITCH!!! I have scratched my ears so much that they got infected. My whole body feels like it is on fire. My human stopped giving me my favorite treats and may change my food. She says I might have food allergies. I am afraid she will stop feeding me because of this allergy thing. I love to race around the house, climb up the curtains, and knock things over. I need food, especially treats to keep up my energy.
Please tell my human not to stop feeding me.

Dear Zoomette,

You poor baby. Cordless, my research assistant, and I were horrified at the thought of not being fed. She checked this out right away. Cordless tries to explain her results to me in some kind of research talk that I don’t understand. She said she Googled food allergies. My eyes just sort of glaze over when she uses these words. I told her to stick with “field reporters”. (Get it? We’re horses. “Field” reporters. A little equine humor there.)
Back to your problem: Cordless tells me there is such a thing as food allergies! We thought there had to be a mistake. Could this be some of this fake news humans talk about? Then we heard about something they refer to as “alternative truth>” We gave loud horse laughs and rolled on the ground at that one. That must be an example of human humor. It’s a good one. We decided that nature could not be cruel enough to take our food away. Just to be sure, we asked Anita if she knew about this.

Anita said food allergies are true. At first we just stared at her in disbelief, then we asked if we could catch it, and if we did, would she stop feeding us.

Good news. She didn’t think we would catch it. Oh, and you have good news, too. That is that you are still allowed to eat, but you get different food. Sometimes you even get food you will like.

I know that in Anita’s work she often asks us questions about what hurts or what make us itch so it can be fixed. Hope that helps.

Got to run. The feed bin was just opened and my food is about to be served. We wish you well with your itch and your food,

BB and Cordless

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