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Spider problem

Dear BB,
I hope you can help me. I read all of your blogs, but have not seen a problem like mine in them.
I am a spider. I used to live in the human’s house, but she had some kind of fuzzy gadget that she used to brush away my webs. I looked around and found a barn on the property that is much like yours. The door has a top part and a bottom part. The weather here is warm and the top part of the door is left open.
The open door is ideal for building my webs. I have a lot of babies and there are plenty of flies to catch in my web to feed said babies. My webs cover the whole area of the open door. They are architectural marvels and quite beautiful, as well as useful. My youngin’s are never at a loss for a tasty fly meal.
At this point you must be wondering what my problem is. Well, I’ll tell you. The human comes to the barn every morning, half asleep and not paying attention, and BREAKS MY WEB WITH HER FACE. Then SHE gets angry and calls me names that you would not believe. Seriously, I have to rebuild the web, and SHE’S mad.
BB, how can I make her stop face smashing this lovely structure that is so important to food gathering for my hungry babies?
Yours truly,
Webless Charlotte

Dear Webless Charlotte,
My research assistant, Cordless and I put our heads together to come up with an answer to your problem. We think we nailed it!
Lately we have noticed little twinkling lights adorning the houses, shrubs, and trees around the area. We asked Anita what they are for and she said they are holiday decorations and would be removed in a while. We thought that was strange, but chalked it up to unexplainable human habits.
We decided that if you put little twinkling lights all over your web it would keep the human from smashing it with her face!
Problem solved. Are we good, or what?!
What’s that? I just heard the feed bin open. Got’ta run……………….

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