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bbBB is a lovely, intelligent Arabian mare. Life can be pretty quiet here and she had  become bored with the daily routine. We discussed this and she decided that she would like to give advice to animals who were having problems. Due to opposable thumb problems, I agreed to do the typing and computer work as long as I was allowed to give my opinion, too. BB reluctantly gave in to that demand, as long  as I kept my part brief.  I will put a post on facebook when blogs are updated. If your pet has a problem  for BB to solve please contact us on this web site. BB’s Blog can also be found in Holistic Horse Magazine, an excellent magazine about integrative care for horse and rider. See

Dear BB,
I am a very beautiful calico cat. I am loving, intelligent, and brave, and my humans and I adore each other. I had not been feeling well lately and my humans took me to the vet. I screamed and hollered the whole way there to let them know I didn’t want to go, but they didn’t listen. I don’t know how they could have missed my message. They are usually pretty bright.
I was weighed, poked and prodded, and stuck with a needle. You don’t even want to know what they did with something they called a thermometer. The humans there were really all quite nice, but I just glared at them. The only thing I wanted to do was to go home, eat grass, and throw up.
I listened very carefully when my humans were told about changing my diet and giving me little white pills. I knew they had more sense than to do that stuff. I was wrong! BB, I think they are trying to poison me. I put up a big fight, but they jam those pills into me. The food isn’t really too bad, but I won’t eat it because…………… well, I don’t know why, but I won’t.
They tell me that they are making me healthier. I don’t listen. BB, how can I bring them to their senses and get my life back the way it was?
Unhappy Kitty.

Dear Unhappy Kitty.
My last blog was about a dog who was training his human. I received so many letters after I answered his letter that I was going to do more blogs about training humans. However, I’m going to answer you first because your letter addresses something that is going on in my life right now.
About four months ago I woke up and couldn’t open my right eye. It itched like crazy and felt weepy. Anita was alarmed and called the vet. We horses have the vets come to us. I’ve heard that waiting rooms at the vet’s office are awful. Well, having them come to you is no picnic either. Like you, I was poked, prodded, and suffered the indignity of the thermometer. I will say I never got weighed, so I don’t know what that would be like.
The needle I got was supposed to make me drowsy so she could look into my eye. Ha! I stayed wide awake, all four hooves planted, and nose straight up to the ceiling. You cannot believe all the cobwebs I saw in the rafters – and I was only looking through my left eye.
The vet told Anita that I had something called uveitis, but she did not believe I would go blind from it. That got my attention. I was both horrified and relieved at the same time. She gave Anita some gooey stuff to put in my eye and told her I should wear a fly mask. Like you, I thought she had more sense than to do that stuff. Like you, I was wrong.
Through the years Anita has slowed down a lot in cleaning our stalls. She suggests constantly that I do my “business” outside. Really!? Out in the open? I don’t think so. I do try to help by walking around my stall while dragging my hooves through the piles to spread it out for her. I never get a “thank you” for my efforts. Anyway, I thought that if I just stood in a corner with my head up she wouldn’t be able to get the gooey stuff or fly mask on me. Do you know what she did? She walked off and sat down. There I stood, nose up, facing a corner. I finally went to her and asked when I was going to get fed. She had the nerve to tell me I would get fed after I got the gooey stuff and fly mask on. I gave in, but we repeated that routine for days and days. I did not always need the gooey stuff, but I still stuck to my guns on standing in the corner. She kept telling me it would all make me feel better. One day I was out in the bright sun, looking through the mask and I realized that my eye was quite comfortable and it did not itch. My eye felt even better when I was in shaded areas.
The next time she came toward me with the mask I went to her and put my head down. You won’t believe this. She started to cry. I didn’t know what to do so I just pressed my head into her and stood with her. It was rather sweet.
This has been lengthy, but Anita told her friend Joan what was going on. Joan knows all about natural horse medicines and told her about some Chinese herbs for uveitis. Anita got the herbs and put it on my food. I love it!
When I first started taking the herbs I had to get the gooey stuff on my eye every three days. As time went on I went more days without it. Right now it has been over three weeks since I have needed it.
To my horse friends: If your humans want to know about this herb stuff, have them call Anita at 610 327 3820. There are herbs for most of our problems like Cushing’s, founder, abscesses, melanoma, and more. She’s pretty excited about these products.
What I’m trying to tell you, Unhappy Kitty, is that sometimes the humans do know what is best for us. Stop fighting and cooperate. If what they are doing does not work they will figure it out and make changes. They love us and want the best for us.
Time for dinner. Gotta run…………..


Dear BB,
I am Nelson, a very beautiful, smart, big dog. TRAINING!!! I LOVE training. I could do it for hours.
I have trained my human to: open the door, go for walks, jump up from a sit position when I bark suddenly, give me treats, and my personal favorite, throw the ball. All I have to do is roll on my back and she goes right into the tummy rub routine. She nailed the butt scratch very quickly. I only had to back into her three times and she had it. Not bad for someone who doesn’t seem to understand a word I send her. You would swear she understands sometimes. She just looks at me like she knows what I’m saying. She even tilts her head a little. So adorable.
My human has some habits that I just cannot break. What is this obsession with toenail clipping? It doesn’t happen often, but she is relentless when she starts. Oh, and then the bath. Nothing is more humiliating than the bath. When I find something wonderfully smelly to roll on she goes right into “bath mode.” I’ve tried everything to break her of these habits, but she just doesn’t understand. I’ll keep working at it.
So here’s my problem: Agnes, the cat says I do too much training and it interferes with her sit-still-and-make-a-lap training. Agnes even says I overdo the throw-the-ball work when I won’t give it back when I return it. Manners, Agnes. Manners. She has to learn to say “Please” and “Thank you.” Don’t tell me, “Drop it” like I’m some dummy. Agnes just doesn’t get it, and I’ve given up trying to train her. I just eat her dry food and laugh.
BB, please let me know if I’m pushing my human too hard. She seems very bright and I love her so much and don’t want to hurt her, but I do like to show her off to my friends.

Dear Nelson,
My Research Assistant, Cordless, and I discussed your letter. Cordless – as she is always reminding me – was a race horse. She explained “Training” to me, and I was shocked. I am not a big fan of discipline, and this training stuff seems to be all about discipline. You are so lucky that your human has a good attitude and is willing to learn. Agnes, however sounds like she has what we call cattitude and not a good candidate for training. Stick with what you do well and just work with the human.
Cordless agrees with me that you are not pushing your human too hard. Watch her carefully to see if she gets cranky or depressed. If that happens you might want to back off for a bit, or give her more treats. You didn’t mention treats in your e mail. Treats do not always have to be in the form of food. When Anita is having a bad day we sometimes rest a chin on her shoulder, or nicker to her. She falls for it every time and we get the food treats.
We can’t say much about the toenail clipping or baths. We get our hooves trimmed every six weeks and it’s no big deal. We don’t need baths. If we’re hot we stand in front of the fan in the barn. Cordless does stick her head all the way down in the watering trough sometimes and blow bubbles, or put her legs in it. I don’t do that silly stuff.
Keep up your good work, Nelson, and your human will be a star.

What’s that?! The feed bin was just opened. Got to run………….

Animal Communications Workshop

Thanks for visiting the blog. I am quite pleased that Anita is having the workshop here. Sometimes she travels far away for them. She showed me a “plane” flying overhead in the sky one time and said that’s how she gets to some places. I pretended to believe her, but looking at that little plane, then looking at her, I know she could not fit in it. I could swear that she thought it was true. However, she can be gone for a few days and I do believe she is at a workshop. She always has someone come to feed us and clean our stalls, and she talks to us in our heads, so I know she is away.
I don’t actually know what goes on at the workshop, but everyone who visits seems to be in a good mood and enjoying themselves. Some of them talk to us and listen to our answers. It is a fun time and we tell them what is on our minds, knowing they are “getting it.”

From Anita

If you are interested in coming to this workshop in Pottstown, PA you can sign up and make a deposit on this web site on the Gift Certificates and Deposits tab. There is more information on the Schedule tab. If you have any questions please call 610 327 3820. The cost is $120 per person per day and that includes a vegetarian lunch. You can sign up for Saturday, June 11, Level I, or June 11 and 12, Level I and II, but you must have taken Level I before you can take Level II. Seating is limited so please sign up early.
If you would like to host a workshop please call me at 610 327 3820 for information.

Selling a pony

Dear BB,
My heart is broken. I can only stand in my stall with my head down and wonder what I did wrong. I am a pony. Maybe I’m not a raving beauty, but I took wonderful care of my little human. We started showing and getting ribbons in lead line, progressed to walk trot, and then earned ribbons in pleasure classes. We learned jumping together and brought home more ribbons. I kept her safe at all times.
My little human rode me less and less, then one day the trailer pulled up and a classy bay horse stepped out of it. I was put out in the field while my human rode the new horse, and they even went off to shows together.
Things got worse. Other little humans came and rode me. Of course I behaved beautifully, and appreciated when they offered treats. My heart is heavy as I tell you what happened next. I was led into a strange trailer and carried off to a new place. I am cared for very well. Several little humans ride me at different times and I am led around, but I am devastated as I wonder why I have been tossed aside.
BB, what can I do to go home?

Dear Bewildered,
My research assistant, Cordless wanted to handle your letter. I wasn’t sure she could do the job, but I gave it to her. I am very proud of the work she has done for you, and will be sure to give her more work in the future. Cordless did some telepathic interviews with some of the horses in your barn and she was quite good at it. I’m going to turn this over to her now.
Dear Bewildered,
Cordless here. When I was a yearling I went to something called a sale. I didn’t know what that meant, and I was afraid. Anita introduced herself to me at the sale and asked me some questions. Questions about how I felt about racing with my friends, my health, and my fears. She told me about racing and asked if I would like to do that. It sounded like great fun and I did want to do it. She said she would try to arrange for me to race and she would be a part of my life by talking to me in my head.
I did race a few times, and did well until the accident. After the accident I went to live at Anita’s to be a companion to BB. I’ve told you this to let you know that the humans should tell us what is happening so we will not be afraid.
I spoke telepathically to your horse neighbors and they told me that your young human got too big to look good on your back. I’ll never figure out human growth patterns. We horses get all of our growing done in four years. They keep getting bigger for a lot more years than that. Your young human loved you, but needed a bigger horse to ride and do all the things you taught her to do.
You have been sent to a therapeutic riding program to help humans who have problems. You have been honored!!! Not many of us are safe and gentle enough to be able to do the work you are doing. I know I get too jumpy at times to qualify.
Be proud of what you have been trusted to do and know that you did nothing wrong, but did a lot right.
Note from Anita: Please tell your pets of changes or call a communicator to do so. Let them know if you are going away, or if they are. It will make the transition easier for all involved.

Litter box problems

Something very unusual happened to start this year’s blog. BB received three letters that had similar, but slightly different problems. She will address all three in this blog.

Letter #1
Dear BB,
My human needs help. I have tried to get through to her, but she just doesn’t get it. We are a five cat household. I’m okay with that, except that one cat is a bully. I do mean bully! Look up the word bully in the dictionary and I bet there is a picture of him.
We have several litter boxes, all with covers Whenever I use any of the litter boxes Bully rushes in and corners me. Believe me, that is not a good time to try to defend yourself. I know lids can be removed from litter boxes. I had to get my human’s attention, so I peed in front of the chair she usually sits in. The only thing that happened was that I got in big trouble. Please let me know how to get through to her.
Non Lid Seeking Kitty

Letter #2
Dear BB,
Please help me. I am a sweet, loveable little kitty. My human is obsessed with keeping the litter box clean, which is really a good thing. My problem is that while I am using that facility she hovers over me, scoop in hand, ready to plunge in and clean after me. Sometimes I don’t even have time to cover all traces of what I have just done.
I started doing my business behind a table in the dining room so that I could have some privacy and concentrate on what I was doing. I got caught and now she watches me constantly.
What can I do?
Over Exposed

Letter #3
Dear BB,
I’m a cat. I play by the rules – as long as they are my rules. I always used the litter box because I wanted to. It had soft, sandy material in it to move around, and a good smell. My human kept it clean, so all was well. She got a new kind of litter recently and it STINKS. I tried to tell her about the smell, but she wouldn’t listen. I showed her! I got on the bed, right in front of her and peed.
That didn’t go well. I was really mad, so later in the day I went in the closet and peed on her shoes. Now I live in the garage.
How can I train this human?
Garage Dweller

Dear Kitties,
My research assistant, Cordless and I discussed your letters and tried to match your problems with our lifestyle. Each of our stalls would be equivalent to an enormous litter box. When we are out in the field and nature calls we just stroll into a stall, do what is necessary, and walk out again. The stalls are cleaned twice a day and we have no problems. Once Anita changed our bedding from straw to pine pellets. Cordless and I told her that we didn’t like the change. She asked us to try it for a week to see if we would like it later. We did that and decided we liked it more than straw. However, when she changed the hay we ate we didn’t like the new hay. We talked it over and she listened to us and got hay we liked. Humans usually do want us to be happy and will listen. Negotiate with them.

Non Lid Seeking Kitty you do have a real problem and should scream and yell even before being attacked by the bully. Let the human know you need to be protected. Humans like to take care of us when we are afraid.

Note from Anita: When a problem like these pop up it would help to check with a veterinarian. If there is no health problem, call an animal communicator to ask the cat to explain his actions.

A complaint

To BB:
I will not say “Dear BB” as I do not think of you as a “dear” at this time. I am furious with you right now and don’t think you will even post my mail. However, I feel I must let you know of my anger, and the anger of my feathered brothers
Last month you responded to a squirrel who wanted to thank the humans for HIS food handouts. The bushy tailed rodent acknowledged that there were bird pictures on the bag of food that he was stealing. You can’t tell me that he didn’t know this was bird food.
I ask you: Just what do these furry pests do for you? We bring music to you with our lovey songs. I will admit that the mockingbirds overdo it certain times of the year when they sing all night long, but the melodies are quite beautiful. The beauty of the music of the crow is in the ear of the beholder, but they do a good job cleaning up messes – especially messes made by sloppy squirrels. Colors! I am of the finch family. The goldfinch guys are beyond beautiful. Cardinals, blue jays, hummers, orioles, and others make you smile when you look at them. Squirrels? Gray or brown. Booooring.
BB, some of my feathered brethren eat ticks, mosquitoes, and other insects that bother you. What do squirrels eat besides stolen food and nuts? They don’t even eat all they gather, they just bury a lot of it, and then can’t find it later.
As I said, I don’t expect to see this on your blog site, but please think of others before you endorse anyone. We who read your words expect the best.
A Bird

Dear A Bird,
My Research Assistant, Cordless and I apologize for the displeasure you and the birds felt when you read the blog. We answer what is sent to us, but I see that we should edit more. There is that Freedom of Speech thing, but we will be more careful in the future.
I will say this however, if I get letters from ticks, mosquitoes, or annoying bugs, they will not be addressed or answered.

Happy squirrel

Happy Squirrel
Dear BB,
I am so excited. SO excited!! I am a squirrel, and we do tend to get a little hyper sometimes, but this a wonderful story. I need you to thank some generous humans for me.
My Momma always told me to stay away from humans because they are dangerous. Not so. Some humans live right near my nest in the giant oak tree. I like to watch them as they move around in such a slow determined way. They are quite cute. One day they came in the yard carrying a large box with a picture of birds on it. They took objects out of the box and put them together. There was a pole that they planted in the hole they dug, much like planting acorns, and then they put this square object on top of the pole. Then – oh, you’re going to love this – they got a large bag with pictures of birds on it. The bag was filled with seeds and nuts which they poured into the square object. I almost fainted with delight, but I still don’t know why there were pictures of birds on a bag of squirrel food.
They walked away and I zoomed up the pole and dug into the food. I gathered all I could and took it home for the wife and kids, and then went back a couple of times for more. Going up and down that straight pole was getting a little boring but when the object was empty we were set for winter, I stopped to rest and watched as they put more food in the object. We didn’t need more food, but I didn’t want to be rude. I took the food to my family and we buried it in the soft dirt where the flowers grow.
The next day they put something wide around the pole and put more food in the object. It was fun jumping over the round thing, but we were overloaded with nuts and seeds. We carried them to the place on the edge of the roof of the human’s house and went in the place that sticks up a little. You would not believe the wondrous place that is. We have races all around the piles of boxes, and chew holes on the boxes to go in them. This place is truly a resort. There is a fake tree with shiny ornaments on it to climb, and piles of human clothing to pee and poop on. It was a great place to store the nuts and seeds. We would be sharing with the mouse families that live there, but there was plenty.
The following day got even better. The fantastic humans put a wire from a nearby tree and wrapped it around the food object. I was so happy that I ran down the wire while hanging upside down. The humans, bless them, shouted their appreciation and banged sticks on pots. It was exhilarating! I nodded my head and twitched my tail to acknowledge their delight.
BB, I want to thank them even more. How do I go about doing that?

Dear Happy Squirrel,
You have already done much to say thank you. I don’t know who your people are, but I will have Anita put it on her web page and on Facebook. Let’s hope your humans read them.
I will say that I don’t give Anita all that adulation. I just let her know that she should be happy that I’m here.

Human foals

clip_image002Hello Readers,

I am not answering a question this month. Instead, I am voicing a concern. If Anita was able to figure out how to do this you will see two photos. I am on the upper left and Cordless is on the mid right.

clip_image004We often have visitors and we enjoy meeting new humans. However, when we met this human foal we were shocked and dismayed. She is about eight moons old and cannot even stand, let alone walk! You can see that we are each examining her hooves carefully. Neither of us had ever seen anything like those hooves! She seemed to be a sweet, gentle foal, which made our hearts go out to her even more.

First of all humans have chosen to walk and run in an upright position. Why? I could move out in a slow trot on my four legs and beat you in any race. Now you show me this human filly who will probably never stand upright let alone balance herself on those weird hooves. What have you people done to yourselves?!?

When Cordie and I voiced our fears to Anita she had the nerve to tell us that this filly was fine and would be upright – and walking – in a few more moons. What an imagination that one has!

Please folks, adjust your breeding programs to improve these important hooves and get yourselves back into a normal four-on-the-floor position.

Separation anxiety

Hi Everyone,
I received an interesting question from one of my human readers. She wants to know how she can help her dog through its separation anxiety. I asked my Research Assistant, Cordless (Cordy) to help. I will say I was quite pleased that she did such a thorough job. Cordy interviewed members of dog, cat, horse, cow, goat, sheep, deer, mouse, and a few bird families.
We of the prey variety had very different views of what makes us anxious, but only the dogs seem to suffer from being separated from humans. Cordy actually had to explain the concept to the cats. I’m not sure they believed her.
Those of us who live in flocks or herds are a bit nervous about being stalked by a predator, but we look at those near us and decide who we can beat in a race. We only have to run faster than one to be safe so the chance of survival can be pretty good, depending on the size of the group. The mice were pretty jumpy about it, but they usually travel alone.
The predators were the most laid back group, especially those with their own humans. If a feral cat missed a meal another one would come along in time. The house pets that Cordy questioned did not have any problems about food. It was abundant and served on time. A little creative begging could even bring forth a treat. Cordy and I have been known to use that technique ourselves.
Cordy’s next assignment was to talk to the dog with the panic attacks. He told Cordy that when his human went out the door he was afraid that she would never come back and he would not know what happened to her. When she left she never told him when she would be back. He had been abandoned by a previous person and it was a horrible experience until he was rescued. He told Cordy that he had a friend from the pound who had attacks much like his.
My girl, Cordy got right on it and found that dog. This telepathy stuff cuts a lot of corners in detective work. That dog said that his job was to protect his human and he could not do that if he was not next to her. He was terrified that she would have something happen to her and it would be his fault.
We felt that we had all the facts, but we didn’t know how to fix the problem. We turned it over to Anita, said, “Fix it,” and asked for an apple each.
From Anita:
There are some very good articles on the Internet about the subject. I just typed in “separation anxiety/dogs” I have heard good reports on “ThunderShirts” that are readily available.
Make sure you tell your dog when you will be back and use all positive words when you speak to him. Let him know that he is safe and you are too.
Good luck.


Dear BB,
Like you, I am an Arabian, and therefore quite beautiful. My humans say I am gray, but I am actually a brilliant, dazzling white color. I prefer the white over the more common brown such as you are. My gaits are spectacular to watch and my conformation is exquisite. You would not believe that someone with my looks would have a problem, but I do.
My caregiver came to me one day and told me that we would be getting a new resident who would be in an adjoining stall. I wasn’t asked – just told. I didn’t like that, but with my well-bred manners, I did not complain. Of course I knew I would never be asked to give up MY stall.
The trailer arrived and I arranged myself so as to look gracious and welcoming, but not overly friendly. The tailgate was lowered and the creature that was led out was the ugliest thing I had ever seen. It was rather small and gray, not beautiful gray like I am, but sort of a smoky color. But, the ears! Long, long, long ears! I shudder even writing about those ears.
It gets worse. I was speechless, but it was not. It looked around and then made a sound that is indescribable. I was shocked and dismayed and could not stop staring at it. My dear BB, I tell you I almost fainted.
BB, what do I do? I cannot live in a place inhabited by a beast such as this. Now the humans want me to share my paddock with it. I won’t. To make matters worse, it keeps trying to start a conversation with me. So far I have managed to pretend it doesn’t exist. I don’t know how long I can keep that up without the humans catching on. Please let me know how to make this unsightly nuisance go away.

Dear Appalled,
Thank you for your e mail and the attachment of your “head shot” from the Equine Modeling Agency. I am sure that there are a few who might think you are attractive even with your monochromatic white color. Personally, I prefer the rich mahogany browns and black contrasts. To each their own.
Let’s discuss your problem. It is you.
I had a similar situation, but I managed to think it through and wound up with new friends. Anita came to me one day to say, “Toogoatz are coming today to live here. Please make them welcome.” I don’t always listen to her carefully if she is not discussing food, but I do remember thinking that Toogoatz was a strange name for a horse, and that her grammar was poor. She should have said “Toogoatz is coming.” Of course “make him/her welcome” would be proper.
My barn is right in the field so Cordless and I have the opportunity to come and go as we please. When the trailer arrived we were curious and came in to see what was going to happen. Two leaping, bouncing strange little animals charged out, coming straight toward us! I thought aliens had landed. I screamed for Cordless to run as I bolted through the door, but she was ahead of me. We found a safe distance and hid behind a tree. We snorted and stamped feet, really quite threatening, but to no avail. The aliens were led into the empty stall in the barn. Cordless and I talked it over and decided to never enter that barn as long as those things were there.
I will admit that I only lasted until dinner time. Cordless had take-out that evening and ate in the field, but she was back in her stall at breakfast time. Anita explained to us that they were goats; like us in many ways, but also different. We all have a purpose in life and must be respected.
As time went by we got to know each other and became friends. We actually chatted a lot and enjoyed each other’s company. They have both left their bodies and moved on in their spiritual journey and I miss them. They come back sometimes to visit and tell us they are well, but I still find myself missing them.
Appalled, get your head out of the dark place it is in and look around. You are missing a world filled with fun and interesting things. Communicate with the humans around you. Listen to them instead of making your demands. Talk to your new barn mate and hear its stories. Learn. I was quite ill recently and Anita did not expect me to live. Now that I am well I am actually enjoying life. Anita says my attitude has changed. I suppose that is because I appreciate what I have – even Cordless – and I’m truly happy. You can be happy, too.