Animal Communication Services


  • By appointment
  • By telephone: $40 per quarter hour. You can communicate with as many animals as you can fit into 15 minutes
  • Gift Certificates are available
  • Audio tapes of the consultation are available for an extra $7

Animal Communications Workshops

  • Level I How to Hear the Animals teaches how to receive the animal’s thoughts in a comfortable environment surrounded by other people who have your same interests. You will learn how to understand your pet’s needs and feelings. We work in pairs with photos of our animals. You will see the natural way humans and animals can communicate.
  • Level II (Level I required) Expands on communications. We work first with, and then without photos. You will learn how to become one with your animal and actually feel his/her physical sensations and emotions. Level II will enhance what you learned in Level I and bring comfort to both you and your pet through the understanding that is achieved.

Psychic Development Workshop

  • Includes past life regressions, psychometry, smudging, roulette tips, and more. This workshop helps you to open your mind to get in touch with your intuitive abilities. It allows you to sharpen your senses and have a more enlightened knowledge of what is happening in your life.

Nonverbal Workshop (With people) 

  • How to communicate with people who cannot speak due to disease or trauma. Caregivers can learn how to keep their patients comfortable. You will learn how to know if the is confused or has discomfort and exactly why they feel that way. You can then address their needs appropriately.

Barn Walks

  • Anita comes to your facility to communicate with the animals. Those living in the barn usually have a lot to say about their neighbors, their work, their humans, and their food. It is great fun to hear their opinions. We can answer their questions and discuss matters. Barn Walks allow us to know our animals in a different way.
  • Call to make arrangements.


  • Anita will come to your meeting or facility to give a talk about Animal Communications or Nonverbal people. She will tell of her experiences and then invite questions from the group.
  • Call to make arrangements